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HindiGuru is the first institute in India to provide Indian language classes in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Bhojpuri etc. specifically aimed at Foreigners and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). From a beginner to an advanced level, we provide you with the opportunity to learn the third most widely spoken language in the world. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will make it easy for you to understand, speak, read and write Hindi and other languages. We are located at 5 min. walking distance from Malviya Nagar Metro Station on yellow line, 5 Min. walking distance form Malviya Nagar Bus Stand and 2 min. walking distance from Auto Rickshaw Point.More..


Start DateCourse CodeLevelDurationDaysClsss Time and Duration
16.10.2017 ongoingHG-STC30Beginner 30 HoursMon -wed - Fri11am to 1pm (2 hrs.)
01.11.2017 ongoingHG-STB30Beginner (Slow Track)30 HoursMonday and Wednesday 6.30pm to 8pm (1.30 hrs.)
03.11.2017 ongoingHG-STT20Beginner (Fast Track)20 HoursMonday to Friday 11am to 1pm (2 hrs.)
01.12.2017HG-STCBeginner (Fast Track)30 HoursMonday to Friday12noon to 2pm (2 hrs.)
12.12.2017HG-STCBeginner (Fast Track)20 HoursMonday to Friday10am to 12noon(2 hrs.)
15.01.2018HG-STF60Beginner (Fast Track)60 HoursMonday to Friday10am to 1pm (3 hrs.)
17.01.2018HG-STD50Beginner (Slow Track)50 HoursMonday and Wednesday6pm to 8pm (2 hrs.)
22.01.2018HG-STB30Intermediate (Slow Track)30 HoursTuesday and Thursday2pm to 4pm 2 hrs.)
22.01.2018 HG-STC30 Beginner (Slow Track) 30 HoursMonday, Wednesday and Friday 11am to 1pm (2 hrs.)
29.01.2018 HG-STF60 Beginner (Fast Track) 60 HoursMon, Tue, Thurs, Friday10am to 1pm (3 hrs.)
30.01.2018 HG-STD50 Beginner (Fast Track) 50 HoursTuesday and Thursday6pm to 8pm (2 hrs.)
Start DateCourse CodeLevelDurationDaysClsss Duration
20.11.2017HG-STD45Beginner (Slow Track)45 HoursMonday and Tuesday6.30pm to 8pm (1.30 hrs.)


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