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are not only highly qualified and well experienced but their skill of Hindi and other indian languages teaching has been always appreciated by our students/participants. Our scientific design for teachers training program improves their ability to teach more effectively within the limited time frame.

They all have been selected by a highly efficient selection team. They have been trained to implement an effective teaching methodology systematically, so that students/participants could learn in quick and easy way. All of them have bachelor or master degree from recognized Indian universities.

HindiGuru trainers will make your every session enjoyable through their great sense of humor, acting, conversation, audio-visuals, games etc. Remember that what are learns through enjoyment are never forget and its effect on the memory never fades.

We believe, teaching is more an art than a science, so our teachers consistently work upon students' imaginative power, creativity and implementation.

Ultimately HindiGuru trainers are known for the permanent impact.

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